Wheel blast machines

Batch hook machines

Workpieces are suspended on

  • Overhead monorail conveyor
  • E.O.T. Crane
  • Electric monorail hoist
Continuous hook machines

Workpieces hanged on overhead monorail conveyor

Batch barrel machines
  • With steel slat work conveyor. Batch volume up to 2.000 l.
  • With rubber belt work conveyor. Batch volume up to 500 l.
Roller conveyor machines

Machines with roller conveyor from 500 up to 4.000 mm width.

Wire belt machine
  • Wire belt width from 600 up to 1.500 mm.
Rotary table machines and blast rooms

Rotary table machines

  • Table dia up to 2.500 mm

Blast rooms

  • With rotary table
  • With E.O.T. crane
Customized blasting machines for specific applications
  • Shot peening machines.
  • Machines for gas bottles cleaning.
  • Machines for wire cleaning.
Castings cleaning

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