Foundry equipment

Green sand preparation mixers

Bentonite sand mixers capacity up to 160 t/h.
Batch size up to 3.500 kg.
Capacity up to 160 t/h.

Chemically bonded sand preparation mixers

Continuous mixers capacities up to 32 t/h.
Single arm mixers.
Double arm mixers.
Mobile mixers.

Green sand preparation plants and equipment

Sand casting separation:
- Vibrating shake outs
- Tubular vibrating shake outs
- Rotating drums

Sand conditioning:
- Lump breakers
- Polygonal screens
- Aerators

Sand coolers:
- Cooling towers
- Mixer coolers - continuous
- Mixer coolers batch type

Sand - additives feeding, feeders
- Belt feeders
- Screw feeders
- Weighing devices
- Blow-in devices

Chemically bonded sand preparation plants and equipment

Sand - casting separation
- Shake outs

Sand reclaiming
- Lump crushers
- Sand scrubbers

Sand compacting
- Vibrating tables

Mould handling
- Rollovers
- Mould conveyors

Conveyors and elevators

- Belt conveyors
- Vibrating conveyors
- Slat conveyors
- Screw conveyors
- Pneumatic transport
- Elevators

Pedestal grinding machines

These grinding machines are suitable for manual grinding of smaller castings.